Saturday, February 12, 2011

Holy Chipotle!

Who would have thought to pair chocolate and chipotle together? What an amazing combination. This cupcake has just the right amount of heat which doesn't hit you until a few chews in. I went to my local Chilly Chiles in Navan to pick up some chipotle powder and Mexican chocolate and this is what I came back with:

Now the chocolate was more for making a chocolate drink, but it was all they had in terms of Mexican chocolate. So I used that. It was a bit grainy when I was melting it but overall it worked out quite well. Although, I will use a different type of Mexican chocolate the next time around.

For the chocolate chipotle cupcake, I used the recipe off of Bakerella's website for her Fire & Ice cupcakes. You can get the recipe here. I omitted the 2 tablespoons of chipotle peppers so if you like spicy, add it in.

For the icing, I melted the Mexican chocolate and some butter together. I let that cool.
I then whipped up some butter and icing sugar to make a buttercream type icing. I added the cooled chocolate and a tsp of cinnamon. Sooooo yummy and a great accompaniment to the cupcake.

Here are pictures of the final product.

Notice the cactus?

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